Avalon, NJ


Tasked with adding to one of the few remaining historic cottages on Seven Mile Island, the architects’ design sensitively and seamlessly integrates old and new. Unique existing details and period materials were attentively matched in a carefully proportioned addition that nearly doubles the area of the home. Fluidly integrated high ceilings, generous bedrooms, and an outdoor living room were deftly added, while the original 1920’s-era cottage’s interior and exterior were refreshed. Modern conveniences and a new thermal envelope were subtly incorporated to make this a comfortable year-round home. The home’s back yard, surrounded by original native pines, was completely re-imagined to feature a gracious new swimming pool that smoothly transitions to the outdoor living room. The end result is a completely modern, comfortable, and original home that creates an oasis of privacy and relaxation while preserving the type of vernacular architecture that is becoming increasingly rare at the Jersey Shore.